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Fitness & Health

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Fitness Programs





Cardiovascular Fitness Training combines walking, running, kickboxing, jump rope, rebounding, plyometrics, and various other exercises designed to improve your cardiovascular health to help you meet your fitness goals. You will never be bored with your cardio program again


Running...Just Do It! Learn the art of  ChiRunning. An amazing technique that allows runners, of all levels, to run easier, more efficiently, and injury-free. This program is GUARANTEED to help you achieve your running goals of weight loss, increased endurance, and/or speed.


Walk to Run Program is designed for the beginner runner and those returning from injury.  The ChiWalking and ChiRunning program teaches beginners that correct biomechanics will allow running to be fun. Learn how to run without struggle and prevent injury.


Workout Tune-Up will jumpstart your workout with this challenging and explosive exercise plan guaranteed to increase your stamina, power, and strength. Cardio blasting drills, plyometrics, and core-powered strength training exercises will tone your muscles, firm your abs and improve your balance. It’s challenging, but lots of fun and your hard work will provide you with great results.





Functional Strength Training Program - emphasizes strengthening exercises using your body weight and strength training equipment that duplicate the movements performed during your activities of daily living. Emphasis is placed on building strength and endurance to improve your quality of life.


Core Strength & Stability/Balance Training Program - utilizes the Fitball, your bodyweight, and other balance equipment to challenge your balance and core muscles (abs, hips, and back) while improving your overall strength and posture.


Time Saver Circuit Training - will burn more calories, sculpt every muscle, and beat boredom, for good. It can be completed in as little as 15 minutes on days when time is short or adjusted when you have more time to train.



Resistance Stretching and Strength Training - will teach you to stretch smarter and safely while also increasing your muscular strength. Assisted stretching, self stretches, and mashing (massage with the feet)are combined to achieve maximum results.


Yoga Personal Training -  offers you the personal attention no group class can offer.  Experience the attention of one on one class design, personal alignment instruction, and adjustments in a private session or in your regular group class.


Training Programs for SPECIAL POPULATIONS


Clinical Exercise for Special Populations Program - targeted to people living with, or at a high risk of developing, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, Type2 diabetes and a variety of orthopedic and health issues.  These preventative and post-rehab exercise programs, approved by your Physician, are designed to decrease risk factors, manage physical activity and improve health and fitness.


Falls Assessment & Prevention for Older Adults Program - will teach you how to prevent falls by improving balance and mobility. We will test your current state of balance and design fun programs to take you to the next level of mobility and stability.


Pre/Post Natal Fitness Program - allows you to learn the safest and most effective ways to exercise during and after pregnancy to maintain your weight and feel great!!

Youth Fitness Program - for children and teens that want to improve their fitness level while participating in an age-appropriate program. We work with child care centers, schools, and private organizations to teach youth fitness in a safe and fun environment. Participants will enjoy activities designed to improve cardiovascular health, build muscular strength and endurance and increase flexibility.

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