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What is Physio-Yoga?

Physio-Yoga is evidence-based physical therapy practices with yoga, bodywork, massage, exercise, and mind-body techniques. This combination of modalities allows students to realign and stabilize the body, retrain damaged tissues, heal acute or chronic issues and achieve long-term pain-free movement. 


Physio-Yoga Therapy


Physio-Yoga Therapy uses yoga techniques for the treatment of specific ailments.


Physio-Yoga Therapy is used as a complementary practice to empower the student to begin to take control of their health, healing (not curing), and well-being.


It is good for anyone who needs a careful and gradual approach to exercises, such as persons who have been physically inactive or recovering from injury, illness, or seniors.


Students will learn the therapeutic applications and basic foundations of yoga with the freedom to modify poses for more challenge, or enjoy it as a restorative practice.

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